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3 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Phone System

Every business comes to a fork in a road where it's time to upgrade their systems, or stay in the past. As a business owner, you should be eager to stay on top of the newest technologies to avoid falling behind the curve. If anything, you should be ahead of trends to offer your clients the most cutting-edge services you can in your given industry.

But, sometimes it can be hard to recognize what needs to be updated and what's ok as-is. You're probably always on top of updating your employees' computers and using the latest project management software for maximum productivity. Have you given any thought to your phone system lately? If your computer network and phone system are still two separate things, you're stuck in the past. Read on to find out if you should upgrade and integrate your phone system.

1. You're Not Sure Why Productivity Is Lacking

Cisco Business Phone Systems

When your procedures aren't optimized, productivity automatically declines. This naturally happens when you're not using all of your business tools to their full potential. There's no exception here when it comes to your phone system.

Integrating your phone system with your computer network is the boost your employees need to move faster and more efficiently. Cisco business phone systems allow everything to come together seamlessly. Employees' contacts link with email programs, call forwarding is smoother, and the basic tasks like faxing become even more efficient.

2. Your Procedures Are Rigid

There's nothing worse than a business that can't adapt with the changing times. Business procedures, employment practices, technology, and more have changed drastically over the years. These changes are for the best, and help industries grow and evolve. If you aren't flexible when it comes to your clients' or your employees' needs, you'll fall behind.

Integrated business phone systems have the flexibility you need your employees can access them when they're working remotely or from home, and the services goes where you go. You'll never have to worry about an employee missing a call when working from home or experiencing down-time for installation if you move your office.

3. Your Network Isn't Secure

One of your top priorities should be to have a secure network. If you're working with sensitive client information like credit card numbers, you don't want to leave anything vulnerable. Good network security is the first line of defense against any malicious software of attacks. If you even have to question your security, you should upgrade your system.

Secure Computer Network

Integrating your phone system will allow you to keep your network secure and all in one place. You won't have to monitor two different systems, making things more streamlined. Even better, when you choose to integrate your phone system, you'll likely work with IT professionals to make that happen. They will ensure your network is set up correctly and everything is working as it should before and after installation.

Integrating your phone system with your computer network won't be a complete fix if all of your other practices are lacking, but it's a step in the right direction. If you've upgrading everything else, you phone system should come next. Providing the best, most modern service is often the difference between failures and success.

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