Car Loan at low cost.

The banking ban is not incompatible with the purchase of a car. Associations allow to buy a car at low cost and on credit, in addition to the possibilities between private individuals or the dealer. The alternative to credit is long-term leasing, the conditions being much less restrictive.

How to obtain a guarantee or a deposit for a credit

How to obtain a guarantee or a deposit for a credit

You finally honored your check, you have a job, you give your home as a guarantee, and so on. The checkbook prohibition does not mean a credit ban. The credit ban is another separate record, the FICP, “National File Incentives repayment of Individuals Credit”. If you are FICP, yes, you will no longer be able to obtain credit from a bank or credit bureau. The solution for you, I mentioned earlier: ask to pay in installments your future car to the seller.

SAC auto loan

Some SACs offer exceptional assistance to buy or repair a vehicle. Each SAC has its own rules, some do not lend, others do not.
For more information, read our article on the SAC Car Loan.

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Another association, allows you to have a car at very low prices to the most precarious, who absolutely need to find a job. The Auto repair cars that were condemned to scrap, ceded free by their owners to the association.

Market’s review


There is no miracle: saving to buy an old car is the best solution. But renting is an option to consider.

It’s hard to get a car loan when you’re FICP, when you buy a car, which is essential for getting back to work. The automobile is a fundamental good when one is looking for a job.

Here are the three principles to try to have a car, despite its banking ban:

  1. to have realistic pretensions and to take a car to the extent of our possibilities.
  2. seek all state aids and possible associations.
  3. perhaps it is necessary to consider to move by public transport, or used scooter.


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