Introducing Good Lender Credit Cards

Good Lender’s roots date back to the 19th century, when the oldest deposit bank operating in Finland was established. Good Lender Savings Bank was established about 20 years ago when the Savings Bank of Helsinki merged with several coastal savings banks. In 2008, the bank became Good Lender Bank plc.

The Group has approximately 350,000 customers and 50 branches. In addition to banking services, Good Lender also offers insurance and real estate brokerage services, and its areas of operation are mainly the Helsinki metropolitan area, large residential areas and the coastal area.

Good Lender’s credit cards are great for travelers

Good Lender

Good Lender offers Visa and Mastercard credit cards, which are very suitable for the traveler. Visa and Mastercard provide comprehensive access network and include comprehensive insurance and premium benefits such as congierce.

Good Lender Visa Gold Credit / Debit

Good Lender Visa Gold Credit / Debit

The Visa Gold Credit / Debit card combo is an international debit card that includes, among other things, travel insurance when you pay for that trip with that card. The card has a credit feature, which can receive up to 45 days free of charge. and the monthly fee for the card is $ 4. Good Lender’s premium customers receive the card for free.

All Platinum Credit / Debit


Visa Platinum Credit Card is suitable for the active traveler and wants a high standard of service. The card includes the Congierce service, which acts as a personal assistant both in Finland and abroad. In addition, the cardholder will receive a Priority Card for access to airport lounges. The Good Lender Visa Platinum card also includes purchase insurance and travel insurance to cover the whole family. The card can receive up to 45 days of non-interest payment. The monthly fee is 20 euros and the card requires Good Lender’s customer account.

World Elite Mastercard Credit

World Elite Mastercard Credit

The World Elite MasterCard is very similar to the Good Lender Visa Platinum. The Good Lender World Elite Mastercard also includes a Congierce service and a Priority Pass card to visit airport lounges around the world. Good Lender World Elite Mastercard also includes travel insurance. The card can receive up to 45 days of non-interest payment. The monthly fee is 20 euros, but you don’t have to be an Good Lender customer to receive the card. All credit cards also include comprehensive Purchase Security

All of Good Lender’s credit cards also include profitable Purchase Security, with no deductible. The insurance is valid everywhere. Purchase Security is valid for products paid with a card for 180 days from the date of purchase, and covers damage, loss or theft.

The minimum purchase price must be € 50 and the maximum price € 1,000. Many other banks usually have a $ 50 deductible on their credit cards.

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