How to find a promotional credit

To attract new customers, lending institutions often offer credits at promotional rates . If you want to take advantage of it, you have to be attentive to ads for credit, or talk to your banker, who may have proposals for his best customers.

When you have a tight budget,

When you have a tight budget,

You always buy what is on sale or on sale. There is no loyalty to a brand or product, only at the right price. When it comes to a banking offer, it’s the same, and more and more customers are putting all credit offers in competition.

But beware ! Some promotions are not really, but only marketing. Let’s see how to find the right credit deal.

talk with your advisor. This is not really a promotion, but rather a commercial offer made to a customer that one wishes to keep.

When a bank is advertising for a favorable interest rate, there is a good chance it will be a real deal. A bank, seeking the acquisition of new customers, can offer very good business, as long as it opens a bank account.

Banks determine their good customers through credit scoring, allowing them to assess the risks they take by financing their customers. Cetelem’s “Minga Credit” ad, which promoted “ethical and responsible credit”. Certainly, but no more than other credit institutions! article on the few rules to make good use of it.

Warning ! Some credit offers “promo” are associated with optional insurance out of price, which can be taken distractedly (the box that we did not check a contract ). These are insurance in the event of unpaid, for example, but which considerably increase the amounts to be paid. Suspicion, mistrust, mistrust.

Market’s review


The promo credits, yes, but you must always compare!

The real promotional offers are those associated with the purchase. Often, to push the customer to buy, the seller offers a financing offer “promo”. The terms and conditions may vary: payment in installments, advantageous interest rate, insurance offered.

New or good customers of their banks can also hope to get personal loans at attractive rates, just go to his advisor and ask him if he can make a better offer than the loan “in promotion” that we found in credit agencies.

Going in search of a personal loan or a credit “on sale”, it is ultimately nothing more than to compare the different proposals of financial organizations between them. Pub or not. Advertising, as we have seen, does not indicate a real opportunity to do a good job. This is the case for credit, but often for all sales! Joking a little, we could say that some ads show: “buy 50% of the double the normal price! “.


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