Housing and gay couple: discrimination in renting or credit


When it comes to housing, homosexual couples often have difficulties that heterosexuals do not have. Gay men often face homophobia when renting. This difficulty is not found in real estate credit, homosexuals being prized by bankers.

It’s all about assessing the risk to lend money.


Thanks to the credit scoring method (see our article), prejudices are in principle put aside.

This notation no longer exists during a rental, subject to criteria that are too often purely subjective.

The gay, alone, has no problem to rent or buy on credit: his sexual orientation is not written on his forehead. Everything is complicated if it is a gay couple wanting to stay together. 

In spite of all the goodwill that this offer offered, it bound too much the homosexuals with the seropositivity. With medical advances and the gradual opening of insurers to HIV-positive people, the Solidaris offer no longer made sense, and no longer exists.

I personally think that this offer dedicated to gays was a marketing coup, but in the face of controversy, did not really work. In France, the gays that I knew wanted above all to leave them alone, rather than being bombarded with marketing products “made to measure”. They want to be considered for what they are: human beings like others, and avoid clichés communitarians.

Anyway, today, a gay who is not sick does not have any particular difficulty to obtain a mortgage. Nothing transpires in SOS Homophobia reports.

Discrimination on the grounds of state of health, in particular because of the serological status, is prohibited by Article 14 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

Despite this article, a sick person, gay or not, will have a hard time finding loan insurance at a reasonable price, and is comparable in the eyes of the insurer, to a disabled person. She will not have a refusal of insurance, but the insurance will be very expensive.

Market’s review


Better to buy than rent when you are gay

The gay community has a very good reputation with banks and their rating systems. A couple with little chance of having children is very solvent, with a strong repayment capacity.

It is now easier for a gay couple to buy their home on credit than to rent it. For those who can afford it, it is the best solution, it is better for us to be owner than tenant of his apartment. One avoids the judgments of the owner, the remarks disparaging and the ordinary homophobia, while having his word to say during the general meetings of co-owners.

On the other hand, if one can not do otherwise than to rent, it is better to pass one’s way if one falls on a homophobic owner. If the victim has the courage, she can lodge a complaint, but is the game worth it?


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